Spring, the time when flowers bloom, grass turns green, and homes sell for record prices. Here are 8 ways to make sure your home sells for the highest price possible, in the shortest period of time. 

Get rid of oversized and excess furniture

We know you love that garage sale cabinet you found, but don't make buyers shimmy around it to see your home. Losing the large furniture makes your home feel bigger and airier. 

Clear out all the clutter

We know you love your 18 Architectural Digest magazines, we do too! But that doesn't mean buyers need to see them stacked next to your couch. Excess appliances on counter tops, 20 pairs of shoes, and overfilled closets can all be packed in boxes. This gives your home a sleek and minimalist feel. 

Fix the Small Things

We know, you've been putting off that dripping faucet and caulking that baseboard, but buyers notice the small details. You want raving fans, not hesitant offers. 

Depersonalize Your Home

Your memories are cherished, but buyers need space to picture making their own memories as they walk through your property. 

Repaint to Neutral Colors

I know you are a raving USC fan (as you should be), but someone else walking through might not appreciate your glorious cardinal and gold office that they want to be a playroom. 

Update Your Decor

Doilies, old curtains, figurines, and flower wallpaper all can be replaced to give the house a fresh feel. Trust me, it's cheaper than taking out a wall for that modern, "open concept" feel.  

Tighten Up the Curb Appeal

Making a buyer fall in love starts at the curb. Fresh flowers, mulch, clean address numbers, and a weed-free green lawn all play a part in enticing a buyer to write an offer above asking. 

Talk to a Local Real Estate Professional

A local real estate expert will be able to tell you exactly what does and doesn't need to be done to meet the goal of selling your home for the highest price in the shortest time.