"We want to wait until after the holidays" is something our team hears often during the holidays. But may we present you with 8 reasons why listing during the holidays might possibly be your strongest option?

  1. Inventory is low. Other sellers are in hibernation, meaning that you have less competition, and supply and demand dictates you have the best ability to get the highest price now. 
  2. Only serious buyers are wanting to see your home during the holidays. You'll get quality buyers who are much more likely to bring strong offers. 
  3. Your home looks absolutely cozy both inside and out, during the holidays. Evergreen trees, scented candles, and Christmas lights all play a part in making your home irresistible. Your holiday decorations done right translate into another emotional tug at a buyer's heart, and wallet. 
  4. Buyers may pay MORE at the end of the year not only due to less inventory, but also because if they're looking in December, they obviously have a personal deadline to meet. 
  5. It's perfectly right, and encouraged, that you have specific "no showing" times on the calendar as you celebrate holidays with family and friends. You can tell us "no showings tonight, we're having a party" and it won't hurt our feelings one but, as long as you save us some left overs. 
  6. Speaking of showings, you can have more day-time showings since buyers have more time off work, saving your evenings in the home for your family. 
  7. Negotiating time for you to move is more common during this time. A buyer might want to buy your home before the end of the year, but it doesn't mean they need to move in right away. Giving you the money you want, and time to celebrate in your home during the holidays, win-win. 
  8. We saved the best for last. Listing during the holidays means you could be done with a process others are just starting, with the most money in your pocket! 

Ultimately, the timing on when to list your home is a deeply personal one that needs to be right for you and your loved ones. Just know that whenever that time does come, our team is here to help you get where you need to go. Schedule a strategy session with us here.