Disclaimer: Our team brainstormed a list of our biggest pet-peeves and missed opportunities when walking a buyer through a home. We write this out of absolute love for our clients and will try to keep the sarcasm out of it (as much as possible)

 #1 Don't Have a different but very strong chemical scent or air freshener in every room. We've been in homes that are on the right track and have air freshener, but it's so overwhelming that everyone is either sneezing or their eyes are watering. Too strong of a scent also says you might be covering up a musty animal smell. 

Do: Use the same wax scent warmers in every room or hallways. These aren't harsh, there is no flame (please, never light candles when you aren't home), and using the same scent throughout the home makes it feel larger (which potentially makes you more money!)

 #2 Don't be at the home during showings. You don't like it, the buyer feels awkward, everyone talks in weirdly hushed tones. 

Do: Go for a walk, run an errand. Giving the buyer a space to voice their opinions on the spot allows the showing agent time to address those concerns and possibly sell your home. 

#3 Don't Keep every blind closed and every light off during the showing. Dark homes are depressing, feel small, and as a general rule, no one likes fumbling for a light switch in a stranger's home.

Do: Open the blinds, turn every fan on low, and turn every light on. We want that house light up like Cinderella's castle!

#4 Don't Leave your clean/dirty laundry around the house (yes, seriously) and dishes in the sink. If a potential buyer sees a messy house, they tend to have less confidence you are upkeeping your home in other areas. 

We totally get having showings while you are trying to do life is hard, which is why we will try and sell your home as quickly as possible! 

Do: Have all your laundry and dishes put away. Keep your kitchen and master bedroom/bathroom pristine, these are the emotional trigger points for buyers. Bonus tip: Have empty laundry baskets in the main areas, if a last-minute showing happens, through everything in the baskets, and put them in the garage. 

#5 Don't leave your pets in the house during the showing. You might be an animal lover, but you don't know if the buyer is, or if they have small children, etc. 

Do: Make your animals comfortable in the garage and make sure the listing agent communicates to the showing agent where Fido is. 

Follow these 5 simple principles, and you'll have a higher chance at happy buyers, happy agents, less time on market, and more money in your pocket.